Automatic Door Repairs

Whatever the type, size, model or make of automatic door, you can rely on Access Innovations to perform an attentive automatic door repair service tailored to your needs.

Automatic doors provide quick, easy and safe access to a range of commercial and industrial environments. From supermarkets to industrial loading zones, we can identify and repair a wide range of issues with your automatic doors, bringing them back to full operation with minimal disruption.

Our services include:

We can make major and minor repairs, including full door replacement if necessary, all carried out by our trained technicians.

Automatic Door Maintenance

For commercial doors in constant or heavy use, a maintenance schedule is essential. By enlisting Access Innovations to deliver one-off or routine automatic door maintenance, you are ensuring that any issues that may occur are identified and resolved quickly, before they turn into major complications.

To arrange a maintenance schedule or to enquire about a one-off visit from one of our experts, simply contact us today. Based in the West Midlands, we deliver a premier service throughout the UK.