PVC Strip Curtain Repairs

Plastic door curtains are a cost-effective and simple doorway material designed to maintain a comfortable and energy efficient internal environment. They are particularly useful in warehouses, supermarkets and factories, as well as commercial kitchens and freezers.

Made up of individual PVC strips – securely hung over the door frame – your transparent curtains can become torn in places after heavy use. Access Innovations can provide tailored repair services to ensure your PVC strip curtains are fully functional once more.

PVC Strip Curtain Servicing & Replacements

Long term damage to a set of PVC strip curtains can pose a major health and safety hazard, so regular servicing and periodic replacement of the materials should be carried out. The team at Access Innovations can deal with any repair issues you may face, and can perform regular servicing of all your plastic strip curtains to ensure they are kept in the best possible condition.

We can replace individual strips as needed and ensure a swift, non-disruptive service every time.

Based in the West Midlands but still with national reach – simply contact us today for more information.