Swing Door Repairs

Automatic swinging doors are a perfect internal and external access solution for a range of buildings, including hospitals, hotels, offices and shops. These doors are operated by a two-way motion sensor, which triggers the doors to swing open slowly, making access completely safe and hassle-free. However, these doors do sometimes suffer breakdowns or damage, requiring an attentive repairs service from experienced professionals.

Based in the West Midlands, Access Innovations carry out a full swing door repair service; whether you’re having trouble with the motion sensor, one or both door panels, the glass materials, or the swinging mechanisms, we ensure an efficient and reliable service to get your doors back up and running without any disruption.

Swing Door Maintenance

If you have commercial swinging doors installed – or have used Access Innovations to install these doors for you – then you should also be aware of the importance of a regular maintenance schedule. We provide regular and one-off swing door maintenance works to preserve the mechanical performance of your doors, ensuring they can operate at their best throughout their lifespan.

For more information on our maintenance and repairs services available across the UK, contact us today.